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Cooking in the woods, and at home

Seriously, the hardest thing for someone to teach a new Scout when cooking is a stove, or the fire, or on charcoal for that matter is that there are a lot more levels of heat than OFF and MAX.

Cooking over low or medium heat is better and safer for the meal in some respects than cooking on a blast furnace. It saves propane too! Yes, it is slower but it will taste better in the long run. Plan for the extra time, you will be rewarded when you eat.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times that a blazing hot surface is what is needed; the steak to get that perfect seer for example. But all in all, lower is easier to cook on over the long haul.

So pick this up and bring it to your next troop meeting. Let the Scouts look it over and see if there is anything they would like to try out for the first time. You, AND THEY, will be surprised as to how easy and how good some of these recipes really are, especially in the woods!!

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