Christopher E. Cancilla, Chris, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the East Side, in an area known as Collinwood; near East 158th and St. Clair. He really enjoyed growing up there and would not trade it for anything. The friendships he made in elementary school, Holy Redeemer, and in High School at Borromeo and St. Joseph (now called Villa Angela – St. Joseph’s) are priceless and some of those friendships are still in force. He worked most of his youth in the family business, DiLillo Brothers Dry Cleaners, for his grandfather (Carmen); and at DiLillo Brothers Men’s Wear where he worked at for his Uncle Tony (known as Czar).

In his youth he also enjoyed Scouting. Spending a great portion of it with the Cub and Boy Scouts, it influenced his life in a very positive way. The ideals of Scouting – the Oath and Law – served him as he entered the world of the adult, and even today they act as a moral compass, guiding his actions to be the man his family is proud of in all aspects of his life.

Spending just over 14 years in the US Air Force, he managed to see a fairly large chunk of this 3rd stone from the Sun, his only regret during his Air Force career was never making it below the equator; so he never got to see the toilet swirl the other way. During his Air Force career as a Munitions Specialist and a PMEL (Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory) technician, his favorite assignment was to Denver, Colorado, where he was able to camp in the Rocky Mountains, a close second is the 2 years he was assigned to Keflavik, Iceland; a place where he, and his new wife Tammy, became the best of friends.

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