The Archives: Salvation

Book 3 of 7 in the Archive Series

Several places on the Earth, the orbital facilities, the Lunar Colonies, and the far-reaching corners of the human populated universe, Christianity is beginning to grow, and spread. The world government is concerned it may over shadow their power, or their ability to lead the people into their vision of what the future needs to look like. Benjamin is tasked to determine the threat-level of this new group and he and his team of one is sent back to a place where the movement begins. Is this movement mind altering or simple brainwashing? Do Christians want to control everything? Is there a reason to fear Christians, or all religion in general? This is what he is tasked to learn, and fix, if necessary. On the way, he discovers a unique reality and brings that information back to his boss at Archive Island, in the form of a very interesting, honest and convincing report. Enveloped within this decision is his new wife, and his best friend in all of time. Come and be with him as he explores his heart and his mind. The scientist needs to understand the definition of faith, and faith can be elusive.

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